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The LEXUS range of high-performance aluminium windows features commercial and semi-commercial designs in various finishing that emphasize on aesthetics, durability, functionality and worry-free maintenance

Adjustable Louvres Window Series

The adjustable Louvres Window is designed for the energy efficient solution to bring in natural light, fresh air and a sense of space into your sustainable building. Design mechanism is from Breezeway, Australia. Log in to for more information.

Casement Window Series

LEXUS Casement Window designed to meet current architectural trends and performance requirements. It has multipoint locking mechanism to ensure the window can be closed tightly, effectively and safely. It also offers flexibility of using a variety of custom and standard designs to suit your interior and exterior. French look of snap trims is also available in different module. Casement Window available in EO module, RP module & Deluxe Module.

Sliding Window Series

LEXUS Sliding Window allows optimum natural daylight and air circulation into the room. It specially designed to facilitate gliding of glass panel in a smooth, soundless motion.

Bi-Folding Series

LEXUS Bi-Folding extends your living space with aluminium glass or adjustable Europe Naco. By simply folding back the doors, there will be no barrier between you and the great outdoors. It is also ideal for joining living rooms with verandas, gardens, patios or pool areas. It can be custom designed to your individual taste and specifications.

Sliding Door Series

LEXUS Sliding Door designed to fulfill all weather conditions. It provides a wide range of shapes and panel combination. It also developed to provide a quality and low maintenance sliding door and as well as the highest possible degree of security.

Swing Door Series

LEXUS Swing Door engineered for energy efficiency and high performance. It greatly reduces the amount of sound pollution, cooling loss and improves security. Variety of hardware is available in various finishes and style.

Planus Cinque Glass Door

The essence of the Planus Cinque lies in the rigorous aesthetic concept that uses exterior door and window frame technology. Log in to for more information.

Pavilion Interior Soft Motion Sliding Door

Pavilion Interior Soft Motion Sliding Door offers limitless functional applications in the widest variety of home & office setting. Log in to for more information.

Motorised System

The design fulfil all weather conditions that guarantee total water-tightness and the combining glass panel can slide into one end thus optimizing daylight and sky view, this ideally suitable for bungalow house, exhibitions and recreational facilities or even exquisite domestic application.

Safetyline Jalousie

Safetyline Jalousie offers identical water penetration qualities to a normal window. The JX from Safetyline Louvre Windows provides all the benefits of a glass louvred window but now with added security.

Magic Screen Series

In a ScreenlineŽ system, the blind (venetian, pleated or roller) is encapsulated within two glass panes, e.g. in a double glazing unit. The movement of the blind, for manual or motorized systems, does not compromise the insulation properties of the D.G. unit, and therefore operates in a total sealed environment.

Q-railing Stainless Steel and Glass Railing System

Q-railing manufactures and supplies high-quality railing systems. In Singapore, Malysia and Indonesia, we are the leading sole distributor of Q-railing systems to the metal and glazing industry. Our goal at Q-railing Business is clear providing you the best quality railing solutions.
Q-railing offers you the best of the best. Optimal production methods and perfect logistical performance ensures that our customers receive top quality products, which all meet the highest international quality standards. For more information, please visit