The Company

Since 1982, LDE has grown from a small aluminium fabricator into a leading player in the aluminium industry with design capability and providing quality products in the market. From the beginning, the Company have formulated a policy of "Continue Improvement And Expanding" of all our products and today, we are able to offer even the most demanding customer with a wide and complete range of products.

Our fabrication yards currently cover more than 4,800 m2 of floor area and have a workforce of over 240 employees. With the latest technology and defined working method, LDE has been able in offering excellent service and quality as well as being highly competitive.

The Company organization also comprise of associate companies involve in various products associated with the industry and allow LDE to participate in direct management of all production aspect thus ensuring an unsurpassable flexibility and reach high quality level.

Distinguished Features

Better Service

Customer Care

We offer you design assistance, technical support, shop drawings, product recommendations and on-site consultation. Our qualified technician will understand your needs, and are experts in crafting superior and hassle free solution to our customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

LEXUSTM products are supported by our first and foremost commitment to QUALITY. The quality of our design and manufacturing is achieved through engineering excellence, superior craftsmanship, and use of quality materials. Our assurance is upheld by a 2 years performance warranty and 10 years powder coating warranty which gives you peace of mind.

Better Performance

Weather Resistance

The surface treatment of aluminium forms a good protective coating against the harshest atmospheric corrosion and weathering which keeping its properties value lasting over years.

Wind and Water Tightness

Weather sealing system creates a bet solution effectively preventing wind and water penetration.

Heat / Solar Insulation

Efficiently and innovatively use of glazing provide you an excellence insulation against heat and UV transmission, particularly double glazing, low-e glazing and laminated glass, thus keeps your interior comfortably cool and energy saving.

Sound Insulation

Combination of our advanced double sealing system and double-glazing generate a great insulation helping to reduce heavy urban traffic noise and create a comfortable environment to live in.

Security and Safety

Adopting quality fitting and improve the aspect of security. The security and safety features can be enhanced by combining with safety glass or shatterproof glass.

Better Features

Wide Choice of Finishes

A wide range of the latest colours and wonderful wood grains patterns that substitute the classic beauty of traditional timber products are available to match your specific design and complement the exclusive look of your building.

Environmental Friendly

'LEXUS Windows and Doors' are 100% fabricated, free of timbers. We are contributing in a small way in protecting the green earth by reducing the use of timber.